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Access 2-5% APR Loans, financial planning tools, and rewards for staying debt-free. Starting at $5.99/month.


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What we offer

Financial Insights

Financial Insights

Enjoy a comprehensive suite of budgeting features to manage your expenses and grow your savings.

Backup Plan

Backup Plan

Access emergency loans instantly via your own Quo membership card.

Friendly Terms

Friendly Terms

Pay back your loan over 6 months and enjoy single digit APRs.



Earn points and cashback for staying financially healthy and out of debt.

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Smart, simple budgeting that will keep you on top of your financial life

We believe that every dollar you earn needs a job. Our app makes sure you're tracking every dollar and saving what you can.

Responsible Credit

Introducing credit as a force for good

When you request a loan, we ask that you specify the type of emergency. We then lock the card access to those type of merchants.

Our Plans

Fair and transparent pricing


  • Up to $400 Loan
  • 5% APR
  • Budgeting Tools
  • Expense Tracking


  • Up to $700 Loan
  • 2% APR
  • Budgeting Tools
  • Expense Tracking


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Rethinking Budgeting at Quo

Rethinking Budgeting at Quo

At Quo, we always ask how we can redesign financial experiences to better align with our users.

Updates and What's Next

Updates and What's Next

We have come a long way and want to share more on the near future of Quo.

24/7 Protection

We take security seriously, going above industry-standard measures to ensure your personal information is safe and never shared with third parties.

Simplicity and Transparency

Get financial peace of mind for as low as the price of a coffee. Help us put an end to expensive, predatory credit.

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