About My Art


I have a deep emotional drive to learn and create.  I strive to call on positive emotions, be engaging, nurture relationships, be part of a larger purpose and meaning, and use all the skill, achievement, and wisdom I possess to leave myself and the world a better place.

My art has many desired outcomes, and my favorite is portraying the warmth and goodness of being with others. 

I accomplish this by assembling parts from the lessons I have learned about the way the people and the world are built and how they work, then work towards a synthesis so that when taken as a whole a feeling and response is created that needs no explanation.

Working the stone

In the synthesis, I work to be mindful and present in my efforts and remember everyone's perceptions are not the same.

I seek to be good to people, friends, family, my community, and the world.  It is essential to our well being.