Getting Started

Approving You For the Right Plan

We are required to verify certain aspects of your identity and income to determine your eligibility for either our classic or preimum plan.

Personal Information

To maintain strict fraud-prevention standards in our signup process, we ask for your Date of Birth, SSN, and potentially a photo of your government ID.

Banking Verification

We never look at your credit score. Using a secure gateway, we have you connect your primary checking account to verify at least two months of income history.

Classic vs. Premium

Our plans cost $5.99 and $9.99 per month respectively. Classic users have access to up to $400 at 5% APR while premium users have up to $700 at 2% APR.

How do I Signup?

Quo is currently in beta as we continue to refine and build the best experience we can. In the meantime, signup for our waitlist to get early access.